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Thursday, 04 April 2013 07:19



Customer: Aredostones

Location: Kavaje

Service offered by PAS + P: Brand Identity, Promotional material, Print ad, Car branding etc.

Period: July 2012

Aredostones, the Albanian trader and processor of quartz, marbles, Onyx materials, etc., on the occasion of the reconstruction of its facilities in Durrës - Kavajë, asked PAS + P Marketing, the creation of a new identity. This client was presented a number of proposals, from which he selected the logo which best represented the company. Aredostones, although has been operating for many years in the market, it has not really engaged in any promotion activity. Thus, the creation of the new identity, aimed at recognition for the company and the nature of its activity, in a short time. To ease this process, Logo contains the symbol of three stone plates, in three basic colors. Part of this project was also to find a slogan for the company. "Products for Life" is the slogan that represents both the fact that these products are used in living environments and their sustainability over time.

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