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Thursday, 15 May 2014 10:57

The new product line catalog of Izoterm

Customer: Izoterm

Location: Tirana

Service offered by PAS+P: Product Catalogs, Promotion Materials, Design

Period: February 2014

Izoterm is a company which produces and trades mainly construction materials. It opened the first polystyrene production factory in Albania. This factory produces variety construction products and techniques, mainly those of thermal insulation. The company recently has started a new production line of decorative building materials. This technique was not known in Albania and until now these elements were made ​​with plaster materials. Technological innovations enable now to make these buildings decorative panels out of polystyrene material, which is lighter, easy to mount, as well as competitively priced. To promote the production line, Izoterm assigned to PAS + P the design of a product catalog that would contain all line elements, about 160 unique models. Looking like an easy task, rather this catalog employed a lot of efforts to complete. The models were designed in 3D but their finalization went through several design techniques. Models created were accurate and detailed after technical profiles to help engineers and carpenters. This catalog except 3D models contains all technical profiles and exact possible dimensions. The models, which were the focus of the catalog, were displayed over a black background which accentuated all the details.

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Wednesday, 23 April 2014 11:26

Ixhem, Leading Prefabricated Company

Customer: Ixhem

Location: Durres

Service offered by PAS+P: Product Catalogues, Website Design and Website Content, Photo shooting

Period: January 2014

Ixhem prefabricated is the leader company in the prefinished system sector in terms of variety of products produced with prefabricated technology. Ixhem, due to increasing demand for this type of construction system and the service quality offered is a company that is growing quickly. Ixhem is an important partner to us and our customers for many architecture projects. PAS + P designed several product catalogs which were initially designed on architectures softwares. Given the fact that Ixhem already has a rich project portfolio, PAS +P Marketing carried a photo shooting services of these projects. Afterwards, these photos were processed and used to enrich the catalogs and Internet website.

PAS + P also projected, designed and created bilingual content for www.ixhem.al website, keeping in mind the nature of products and services that this company offers. Website design is clean and easily navigable. You can easily find product categories or construction solutions. Website main users would be engineers and architects, for this reason in the website, there were placed all set catalogs of products in order to facilitate the placement of the order and the calculation of various quotations.

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Monday, 21 April 2014 13:21

UNI-KLIMA, 10th anniversary event

Customer: UNI-KLIMA

Location: Tirana

Service offered by PAS + P: Promotion materials, Event Management, Product Catalog

Period: November 2013

UNI-KLIMA is No.1 distributor of the popular Japanese air conditioner brand Mitsubishi Electric. It also provides services in the field of air conditioning for residential and commercial buildings across the country. 2013 was the 10th year of its foundations. On this occasion, on behalf of UNI-KlLIMA ltd, PAS + P Marketing created and managed a series of promotional activities. Already matured in the market, the company carried a variety of activities to sustain and reinforce its brand in the market. Within this framework, PAS + P designed the air conditioner family line catalog of Mitsubishi Electric. Additionally, it created a print advertising to promote this line in different media. All the materials were created in compliance to the Mitsubishi Electric brand guidelines and in harmony with the elegant lines of these products.

During November 2013, the company held a two - day promotional event with sales network, clients and architects. For that purpose, PAS+P created a design theme with the 10th anniversary in focus. The anniversary theme was used in the promotional materials such as invitations, roll up banners, Facebook ad, branded pens and so on. No. 10 was the key element of design, which was big, prominent and eye-catchy. Meanwhile the dominant color was the blue of UNI-KLIMA brand, while enriched with festive elements.



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