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Tuesday, 08 October 2013 09:12

Packaging of Joy Fruit Juice


Customer: Solissima Ltd

Location: Korçë

Service offered by PAS + P: Concept and Design of Tetra pak packaging

Period: January 2013


Simply by having a look at the fruit juice department on the Tirana’s supermarkets, you understand immediately, that creating an eye catching packing is a real challenge. The Tetra pak packaging of JOY fruit juice, a brand of Solissima Ltd was about the time to renovate. This juice has been among the first ones of those produced in Albania, while the market was free and with not many players in it. The company on that time did not pay the proper attention to the packaging and the product identity itself. With the change of game settings, the management of the company asked for redesigning of the identity and the packaging.
After an onsite market research we noticed that the majority of the juice packaging was dominated by heavy colored backgrounds. In continuous discussion with the client, it was decided that the design will be simple and natural. Thus, in order to create a stand out packaging, it would be better using a white background which gives to the product the feel of simple and natural. Based on the same principles, the pictures of fruits selected for the project were in soft tones, not too bright and artificial as many of the packaging that are found in the market.


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