Ana tocco di bellezza

Customer: Ana-Tocco di Bellezza

Location: Tirane

Service offered by PAS + P: Business Identity, Slogan, Lighted table, Door-to-door Promotion, Social Media.

Period: January 2013

The project of "Anna Tocco di bellezza" beauty center included finding the name of the center, designing a logo to be used in promotional materials, designing and producing of lighted table and creation of facebook fan page. This beauty center will offer a range of services where the most important will be that of Solar or tanning. Designing the logo of a beauty center is not an easy task. Additionally to the fact that it should easily identify a beauty center, the logo needs to emphasize the tanning service. Thus, logo contains the outline of a woman's body, with a sun in her background. As the beauty center targets more women, the logo is designed in fine, elegant lines and warm colors. To make the logo stand out, it is placed over a black background. The project continued with designing and production of an informative leaflet, which was distributed in the surrounding areas.