Gold Hotel

Object: Hotel

Name: GOLD

Area: 1000 m2

Location: Vlorë, Uji i ftohtë

Service offered by PAS + P : Architectonic Planning, Interior Design, Project management and Construction.

Year: 2008-2010


Gold Hotel, positioned in one of the most beautiful places of the city of Vlora, near Uji I ftohtë (cold water), was projected and built in respect of the nature wonders of this area. Architectonic project made full use of breathtaking landscapes, by projecting all rooms with sea view. To enjoy the beautiful view, every room is equipped with individual balcony or terrace decorated with natural flowers. The hotel facade is coated by a combination of stone and paint color, giving the hotel a Mediterranean look.


Categorization of rooms is achieved through use of different interiors and colors. Yet, the predominant color on rooms and hotel premises is the color of gold. Rooms are lined with wall paper which fits furniture, produced especially for Gold Hotel. Beds are made of wood and upholstery, making them as much practical as comfortable. Other premises of the hotel have been painted with "Sahara" technic which reflects shades of gold from different angles. The main Bar of hotel lies in indoor and outdoor by offering travellers the chance to enjoy a “Golden" sunset.