KNAUF Albania

Object: International Construction Fair

Name: KNAUF Albania

Location: Tirane

Service offered by PAS + P: Architectonic Planning and Construction of Promotion Booth

Period: September 2011

KNAUF Albania, manufacturer and supplier of dry construction systems, with representative office since 1994 in Albania, spread to other 69 countries, is one of our closest collaborators in the field of construction projects.

KNAUF Albania was the main partner and sponsor of the first international construction fair held in Tirana on 6-8 September 2011, at the premises of the Palace of Congresses.

Architecture Studio PAS + P carried out the architecture design and construction of the promotional booth of KNAUF Albania at the fair. The promotional booth of KNAUF aimed to represent clearly the main construction products and dry systems. It was designed in such a way as to expose and highlight all the main KNAUF systems, drawing the attention of Albanian architects and builders. Architectural project, application engineering, lighting and planning of all elements created a unique booth that draw the attention of many visitors. Key elements presented in the booth, created such an elegant space, dedicated for meetings with investors or potential partners.