Coffee Bar Embo1


Object: Bar
Name: EMBO 1
Area: 100m2
Location: Crystal Center, Tirana
Service offered by PAS + P: Architectonic Functional Solution, Interior Design, Electrical and Plumbing Planning, Project Management, Business Identity
Period: 2011

Embo 1 is a coffee-bar which is designed after Baroque style combined with modern lines. The majority of interior elements such as doors, walls, ceilings and some furniture are handmade, originally designed by PAS + P and produced by local suppliers.  Each interior element is unique and distinctive. Production of interiors has undergone through different stages and manufactures, until the final result was achieved. Tribal elements on the walls and ceilings were produced by local joinery. They are illuminated with LED, which change colors on command. The result is to create alternative atmosphere each time. Another remarkable interior element is Mobntbel furniture, chairs and tables, which stand out for comfort, maximum resistance and excellent design. Montbel chairs, selected for Embo 1, are of modern style with clean lines, practical but yet elegant at the same time. They match very well with the rest of the interiors’ elements.