Bar Çadra

Object: Bar

Name: Çadra

Area: 130m2


Service offered by PAS + P : Architectonic Planning, Interior Design, Project management and Construction.

Period: 2009-2010

Radical transformation brought by PAS + P Architecture, converted Bar Çadra to the most favorite bars in the area. After reconstruction, the name was the only thing remained from previous bar. Everything else, including the logo and lighted table changed for the better.

Two main sides of facade that face the street are made of glass not only to exploit light and beautiful view of that area, but also to allow diversion during warm days and summer. Glass facade can be scrolled 100% so that customers enjoy the warmth or natural freshness of the day and evening.
Chairs are a combination of wood and leather and fabrique. Tables, same as chairs are designed and manufactured in compliance with the style of the interior not forgetting to make comfortable for clients.
Significant attention is paid to selection of paintings that decorate two other sides of the bar.Lighting is realized in different plans, creating pleasant atmosphere during the evening hours.


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