Second Year of AredoStones at Joinery Fair

Customer: AredoStones

Location: Durres

Services offered by PAS+P: Design and Production of Promotional Booth, Product Catalog, Event Management

Period: March 2014

During the month of March, at the Palace of Congresses in Tirana , it was held the National Joinery Fair. AredoStones for the the second consecutive year participated in this fair to promote the full range of its products such as Quartz , Marble , Granite , Onyx , etc.
PAS + P designed and constructed the promotional booth. AredoStones’s booth was designed to display maximally all the range of products. Thus, for example , the booth floor was paved with Quartz slabs, which exhibited the best product qualities. Products natural , project planning, lighting and branding made the booth to be ranked among the most beautiful booths of this fair. On behalf of AredoStones, for the purpose of this fair, it was designed and produced a product catalog. The catalog contained the range of products applied in different projects such as kitchens, bathrooms , chimneys , bars, hotels etc.. In this way , end user visitors could easily imagine what is possible to achieve with AredoStones products.