Advertising Campaign of CIT

Customer: Canadian Institute of Technology

Location: Tirana

Service offered by PAS + P: TV Spot and University Brochures

Period: September 2013

For the second time, CIT granted to PAS + P, the creation of the new TV spot as well as designing of University brochures for the academic year 2013-2014. The TV spot was conceived as a continuation of the launching spot. The communication objective now has shifted into promotion of competitive advantages that make this university standing out among others and promotion of the added value that these students will bear when entering the labour market. The advantage of teaching in Enlish was promoted by the using voice over in English, recorded by an American actor.

Spot production was a result of mix 3D and 2D techniques. The key element of the spot scenario is a data chip that tries to convey the technological orientation of the university. The data chip moves spatially from one scene to another while appearing as a component of university’s everyday life. The TV spot aired on several national and local channels during September-November 2013.