PR and Promotion

Planning & Execution of PR campaigns

A good relationship with the media can significantly improve your business image. PAS + P Marketing helps in establishing, promoting and improving these relations through press releases, articles published in various media interviews, press conferences and many other activities.


Planning & Management of Official and Promotional Events

PAS+P plans and manages important activities, ceremonies, parties, inaugurations that make quite an impression to your guests and business partners and reflects the level of your organization. We make a detailed planning starting from the list of participants, scene decoration, script, gifts to the guests escort and promotion of the event in the media.


Planning & Execution of CSR campaigns

Engagement in Social Responsibility Activities is the most innovative marketing tool. With an increasingly informed and demanding public, for most business has become impossible to operate normally, without participating in CSR activities. PASP + P Marketing strongly suggests organizations to engage in social responsibility activities as a means to bring closer to your customers. We provide guidance / advice on which activities to select, planning and execution of these activities, execution and finally promoting these activities in different media and channels. PAS + P Marketing helps you select activities that ensure visibility and impact the broader public.


Planning & Management of Sponsorships

If you decide to sponsor various activities of social, sports or cultural nature, PAS + P Marketing offers advice for choosing the activities that have greater visibility and impact in the public. We act as intermediaries to ensure that your sponsor rights and visibility of the brand in these activities is maximized. Also in cooperation with the organizers, we encourage the promotion of activity in different media and channels.